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Natural Resources Overview

The TH Natural Resources Department comprises two branches:

  • Land and Resources, and
  • Fish and Wildlife.

Land and Resources Branch

Land and Resources is responsible for managing the land use process including developing and implementing legislation, policies and procedures, assisting citizens applying for land grants and land use permits on Settlement Land, and participating in local and regional land use planning. 

The Land and Resources Branch is developing a series of information pamphlets for citizens.

Feel free to drop by and pick up a copy from the Land and Resources Branch and talk to us about Settlement Land parcels.

For more information, contact Land and Resources Manager, Kay Linley, 993-7100 ext. 160 or Land and Resources Officer James Roberts at 993-7100 ext. 211.

Fish and Wildlife Branch

Fish and Wildlife focuses on protecting, preserving and enhancing the fish and wildlife resources and habitat within TH Traditional Territory.


Phone 993-7100 plus the extension number:

Darren Taylor, Director


Natasha Ayoub, Manager, Fish & Wildlife


Simon Nagano, Fish and Wildlife Steward


Chase Everitt, Fish and Wildlife Junior Steward

Sammy Taylor, Fish and Wildlife Summer Student

Kay Linley, Land & Resources Manager


Darren Bullen, Land and Resources Officer


James Roberts, Land and Resources Officer


Bill Kendrick, Land and Resources Special Projects Coordinator


Kirsten Scott, Development Assessment Coordinator


Nicole Becker, Land and Resources Planning Coordinator


Adam Thom, Land and Resources Officer / GIS Coordinator



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