Statement from the Northern Yukon First Nations Chiefs on the Passing of Thomas Berger

Thomas Berger representing the Northern First Nations in court.

May 30, 2021

DAWSON CITY – “All citizens of the Northern Yukon First Nations were saddened to learn of Thomas Berger’s passing.
Mr. Berger was a unwavering champion of Indigenous issues and driven by his desire to redress injustice. From the time he first arrived in the North in the ‘70s to explore the impacts of the Mackenzie Valley pipeline on Indigenous people, he has proven himself a reliable, valiant supporter of our issues and rights. Most recently, he represented our Nations at the Supreme Court of Canada in the battle to secure proper planning in the Peel River Watershed and protect an area that was critical to our identity as a people. The Peel Land Use Planning case forever changed our relationship with other governments, upheld the significance of our Land Claim Agreements, and defended all Yukoners’ right to democratic planning processes.
 He moved our world towards equality and leaves an incomparable legal legacy." SEE FULL STATEMENT HERE