To apply for a committee vacancy please complete a committee application form  and email it to


Citizenship Advisory Committee

Name Appointment date
Marion Roberts June  2020
Angie Joseph-Rear June  2020
Kylie Van Every June  2020
Erika Scheffen November 22, 2018
Ex-offiicio: Babe Titus, Citizenship Registrar Officer ongoing


Wellness/Health & Social Committee 

Name Appointment date
Phyllis Vittrekwa                                                         Novermber 22, 2018
Dawn Coles November 22, 2018
Margaret Titus April 10, 2019
Kyrie Nagano May 9, 2019
Ex-officio: Wellness Manager ongoing


Justice Committee

Name Appointment date
Erin McQuaig                                                             February 1, 2020
Alan Anderson February 1, 2020
Deena Titus October 25, 2018
Shirley Pierson September 2020
Kelsea Cook September 12, 2019
Samual Connor Whitehouse December 13, 2018
Staff Liaison Implementation Rhea Lewthwaite
Staff Liaison Wellness Brenda Warren


Post-Secondary Education & Training Committee

Name Appointment Date
Paul Isaac                                                                     

November 22, 2018

Melissa Flynn

January 30, 2018

Rhea Lewthwaite

 February 1, 2020
Kim Sharp February 1, 2020
Staff liaison Caley Boulter


Natural Resources Committee (inactive)

Name Appointment
Elder (vacant)                                                                        
Elder (vacant)  
Citizen (vacant)  
Citizen (vacant)  
Youth (vacant)  
Staff liason Director, Natural Resources  



Housing Committee

Name  Appointment date
Austin Taylor May 9, 2019
Brenda Rear October 24, 2019
Melanie Bennett May 9, 2019
Dalores Roberts October 24, 2019
Youth (vacant)  
Elder (vacant)  


Trust Disbursement

Name  Appointment date
Natalja Blanchard May 29, 2020
Darwyn Lynn May 29, 2020
Darren Taylor May 29, 2020
Pat Titus May 29, 2020
Wayne Potoroka  Staff Liaison

Constitutional Review Committee

Name Appointment date
Sylvia Farr July 2019
Aurora Knutson July 2019
Bruce Warnsby July 2019
Lisa Anderson September 2020
Alice McCulley July 2019
Staff Liaison: Molly Shore Governance Policy Analyst July 2019


TH Election Committee

Name Appointment date
Staff Liaison: Charles Pugh, Executive Director