The TH counsellor offers free counselling to TH families as well as other Indigenous families. This counselling service is only provided to couples with children, families, and children /youth, using a client-centered, collaborative, solution-focused approach.  Clients can expect the counsellor to use a culturally sensitive approach when dealing with issues such as grief and loss, addiction, violence prevention and intervention, assertiveness and identity building, relationship dynamics, and anger/impulse management. At the first meeting clients can expect to have questions and concerns answered, develop goals and plans for the duration of the counselling process- including creating a time frame, discuss special requests or expectations and talk about available supports- both personal and community based.


The TH counsellor is a part of the TH Health and Social team and uses a case management approach to client care.  Counselling is arranged by referrals from teachers, parents, doctors, mental health Professionals, other Counsellors, social workers and other community agencies. Appointments are available from 8:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday.

You can make an appointment by phoning the Community Support Outreach Worker at 993-7100 ext. 165.


Counselling services are confidential. TH is committed to providing confidential, high quality services.  Information about clients is not shared with, or requested from, other agencies unless the client gives permission in writing. Information on file is released only

  • by Court Order
  • in the event of suspected/actual child abuse or in the event of actual/potential risk of serious harm to yourself or someone else.

Community Programs

The TH counsellor also offers presentations on substance use and misuse, violence prevention, relationship building, and other requested contemporary topics, and assists in coordinating local events related to national causes and programs such as Sisters in Spirit and National Aboriginal Addictions Awareness Week.

Helpful numbers:

Kids Help Line                                             1-800-668-6868                      

Family and Children Services                      1-867-667-3002                     

Dawson RCMP                                           993-5555                                 

Dawson Medical Clinic                               993-5744                                 

Laurie Munroe (Minister, St Paul’s Anglican Church)  993-5381

National Health Help Line                          811

Dawson Hospital                                        993-4444

Many Rivers Counselling                           993-6455

Dawson Women’s Shelter                          993-5086