Development Assessment

The Land and Resources branch is actively involved in development assessment under the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act (YESAA). YESAA is a federal law created to implement Chapter 12 of our Final Agreement.

The branch’s goal is to protect TH rights and interests on and off settlement land. The development assessment coordinator comments on 50-80 projects per year and works closely with other parts of the TH Government, including the Heritage department and the Fish and Wildlife branch. Most of the projects involve placer mining, but some also involve hard-rock (quartz) mining, forestry, agriculture, transportation, and oil and gas exploration.

In recent years, the branch has also been participated in a review of YESAA, and continues to work with Yukon Government, Canada, and other First Nations to make the YESAA process more effective.

Because most mining projects also require water licenses from the Yukon Water Board, the development assessment coordinator also participates in the licensing process when necessary to protect the environment and TH water rights under our Final Agreement.