Justice Committee Seeking New Members

The Justice Committee has a new mandate and is looking for new members. Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Government is pursing a phased drawdown of Administration of Justice. This is an opportunity for us to design and implement Administration of Justice in a manner consistent with Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in values and principals. We have established the following priorities:

1. Establishment of a TH Court with jurisdiction for:

a. prosecutions of offences under a TH law or violations of TH laws;

b. child protection matters relating to TH citizens, including apprehension, placement and custody orders.

2. Creation of Community Safety Officer positions within our community.

3. Development of alternatives to incarceration, including on-the-land healing.

4. Continued partnership with RCMP.

5. Development of a TH charter or interpretative law.

6. Increased use of mediation and arbitration.

To ensure our justice infrastructure reflects the goals and needs of our citizens, we require citizen input. The new TH Justice Committee will:

• provide advice and guidance with respect to TH AJA matters, including the design of the TH AJA bodies and their roles, powers and authorities;

• make recommendations to the Council;

• work collaboratively with the TH Implementation Department which will be facilitating the discussions of the TH Justice Committee;

• review and make recommendations with respect to the establishment and operation of a Tribal Court pursuant to section 17 of the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Constitution;

• review and provide feedback about TH’s positions and proposals; and

• observe negotiation sessions with Canada and YG, as requested.

The expected time commitment for this committee will be approximately one lunch hour meeting per week. Lunch will be provided. If you are passionate about justice matters and wish to take part in the important process of AJA drawdown, we encourage you to apply. Get an application at www.trondek.ca/committee-membership-application and email to committees@trondek.ca by March 1, 2021. For questions about the committee, contact Robin Westland, TH Social Policy Advisor, at robin.westland@trondek.ca or (867) 993-7100 ext. 248.