Watch a Recording of our February 7 Caribou Update Meeting

For those who missed it, here's a recording of the TH Caribou Update Meeting that was held via Zoom last week on February  7: (Passcode: X3R6F?1+)

You can fast-forward to the below-listed time stamps to see individual speakers or presentations:

00:06:12   Susie Heffner – TH Caribou Traditional Knowledge report
00:50:05   Natalie Sands – TH Caribou resource kit for educators
1:10:44      Deanna Lemke/Jen Smith (PCMB) – Porcupine Caribou Herd TK Mobilization Project/Conservation Plan update
1:55:30     Mike Suitor (YG) – Herd updates 
2:19:20     Catherine Pinard/Shawn Hughes (YG) – Fortymile Caribou Licensed Harvest
2:29:28     Libby Ehlers (University Of Montana) – Fortymile Caribou Research Update