Work Opportunities Program

Citizens on social assistance can access this internship training program, which runs from May to December.

The goal of the program is to offer interns pre-employment training and mentoring to help them develop the necessary work and life skills to succeed in the workforce.

Participants are assessed for health and wellness; applicants with a history of chronic substance abuse issues must be willing to work with staff on a wellness plan that includes counselling, workshops and activities that will develop untapped skills and abilities to support them in cultivating their career goals. Participants are matched with supervisors who will provide workplace mentoring that builds good work habits and confidence; TH staff and outside partners will be involved to ensure participants have resources to support them while building self-esteem and strengthening cultural identities and healthy lifestyles.

Contact Erin McQuaig, Social Assistance Administator, at (867) 993-7100 ext. 166.